A day at Deaf Film Camp

Every day brings something new, but here's a glimpse of a typical day at camp....

As with almost everything in the world of film, schedules are subject to change!


Breakfast - it's the most important meal of the day! A delicious breakfast will be available every morning. There will always be a few different options and plenty for everyone to enjoy. Campers also have the option of juice, milk or water with every meal.




The first class begins! The subject of your first class will vary depending on how far along you are on a project or which class you choose to attend.


Lunch is served! Like every meal at camp, food will be prepared ahead of schedule and several options will be available for those with different tastes!





Water fun! Camp Mark Seven sits on Fourth Lake in the Adirondack Mountains. There is a beautiful lakefront area where all campers can swim, play or just enjoy the sun! There will also be tubing and water skiing available for our adventurous campers.





Lights, Camera, Action! Campers will work alongside our amazing crew to actually film onsite at CM7. This is the time for hands-on experience and learning what it's like to be a filmmaker.


Dinner is served!


Floor time! Unwind, wash up and get ready for bed.


Lights out! Time to rest up... tomorrow is a new day at camp!